7 Unforgettable Attractions That No Visitor to Singapore Should Miss

Comprising 64 offshore islands in addition to the main island, Singapore has delighted travelers for centuries with its opulent splendor. At Jewel Changi Airport, international arrivals are greeted by a space-age indoor garden featuring the world’s largest indoor waterfall, the HSBC Rain Vortex. The waterfall stretches 40 meters into the air and is surrounded by lush greenery.

Indeed, Singapore is one of the greenest cities in the world today, rich in biodiversity. From Gardens by the Bay to Mandai Night Safari, we explore seven of the most exciting tourist attractions that Singapore has to offer.

1. Gardens by the Bay

These sprawling parklands were created to enhance quality of life for residents of Singapore. However, this gigantic garden is not only popular with the locals, but a great place for tourists to explore. The gardens’ three main attractions are the Supertrees, the Cloud Forest, and the Flower Dome.

Consisting of artificial trees within a steel scaffold, the Supertrees have solar collectors on top, effectively turning sunlight into electricity. This power is used to illuminate the trees at night in an arresting, multicolored display. Meanwhile, the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are two enormous greenhouses with radically different climates, where visitors can view plant species from various regions of the world.

2. National Gallery Singapore

Featuring more than 9,000 works, National Gallery Singapore is the largest public modern art collection in the whole of Southeast Asia. The gallery is located within a pair of national monuments: the nation’s former Supreme court and City Hall.

Guests can easily spend most of the day exploring the gallery’s many exhibits. Highlights include its thought-provoking Between Declarations and Dreams exhibition. It looks at Southeast Asian art’s ongoing encounter with the new, exploring how artists negotiate meaning and expression.

3. Jurong Bird Park

Home to more than 400 bird species, Jurong Bird Park covers more than 50 acres in Western Singapore. Here, visitors have the opportunity to see a variety of different bird species up close during daily feeding sessions, observing iridescent starling, turaco, and crested guinea fowl.

Asia’s largest bird park and the first wildlife park in Singapore, Jurong Bird Park has regular shows, tours, and “feed the animals” experiences. The venue even hosts night photography courses. Participants gain hands-on experience, learning unique night photography tricks and tips.

4. Mandai Night Safari

In contrast with most safari parks, Mandai Night Safari comes alive at dusk rather than dawn. From within this dimly lit complex, visitors can watch the nocturnal inhabitants undertake their nightly routines. The park’s 2,500 residents can be viewed up close on the world’s first night safari tour.

Featured species include aardvark, spotted hyena, Malayan tapir, Malayan tiger, sloth bear, and bushbaby. Home to 130 species in total, the park includes four footpaths, including the popular Leopard Trail and Fishing Cat Trail. Visitors can explore Mandai Night Safari—either by foot or by open-sided guided tram ride—journeying through six of the world’s geographical regions and observing their unique nocturnal populations.

5. Tanjong Beach

Located on Sentosa Island, Tanjong is popular with backpackers and nature lovers. Featuring a seemingly never-ending stretch of pristine white sand, Tanjong Beach is quieter than other beaches on Sentosa Island. It provides those seeking a slower pace with the perfect place to soak up the sun, relax on golden sands, and enjoy a dip in the tranquil sea.

Visitors can take their pick of the themed restaurants, bistros, and bars that line the beach front. The twinkling lights of the ships on the ocean form a romantic backdrop for this stretch of beach. It is known for its sunsets, which set the sky ablaze with rich reds, pinks, oranges, and golds as the sun plummets into the ocean.

6. Little India

Although better known for its glitz and glam, advanced architecture, and sky-high buildings, Singapore is also home to Little India. The Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association organizes a comprehensive catalogue of annual events, including Tamil New Year celebrations, Pongal festivities, the Deepavali light up, and the Singapore food festival.

Little India’s ultra-colorful malls and shops sell a variety of wares, from antiques and artisan jewelry to fresh produce to electronics. While somewhat less chaotic than its namesake, Little India retains its own distinct charm without being gimmicky. It is one of the most interesting, colorful, and unique places to shop in all of Singapore.

7. Marina Bay Sands

Built in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands is a steel and glass goliath that offers unparalleled views of the Singapore skyline. Standing 625 feet high, the luxury complex is more than just a hotel. It incorporates a shopping mall, conference center, casino, and numerous nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. The Skypark’s 360 degree viewing platform is open for all, although its world-famous infinity pool is reserved for hotel guests only.

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