3 Stunning Ancient Monuments in Asia

Of the world’s most impressive ancient buildings still standing today, many are located in Asia. Built using the latest architectural innovations of the time, many of these structures are on an imposing scale, even by today’s standards. In this article, we explore three ancient sites in Asia and the civilizations who built them. 1.                 Continue reading “3 Stunning Ancient Monuments in Asia”

The Cuisine of Southeast Asia: 4 of the Region’s Most Popular Dishes

Possessing a tropical climate, fertile soil, and crystal-clear waters, the lands and oceans of Southeast Asia produce an abundance of mouthwatering produce. Encompassing Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, the region has been influenced by numerous people and cultures throughout the centuries, culminating in an exciting fusion of different cooking styles. In thisContinue reading “The Cuisine of Southeast Asia: 4 of the Region’s Most Popular Dishes”