4 Fascinating Southeast Asian Cultures You May Not Be Familiar With

Home to an eclectic mix of indigenous peoples, Southeast Asia is a cultural melting pot. Read on to learn more about four unique Southeast Asia cultures and their traditions and histories. 1.   Orang Asli – Malaysia With a population of just over 178,000, making them a minority group in their home country, Malaysia’s “first people”Continue reading “4 Fascinating Southeast Asian Cultures You May Not Be Familiar With”

6 of the Top Travel Trends for 2021

As we emerge from the cloud of Covid-19, travel priorities and habits have evolved considerably, creating significant changes within the tourism sector. In this article, we look at six emerging travel trends for 2021. 1. Sustainability In recent years, with the impact of climate change being felt more acutely in locations all over the world,Continue reading “6 of the Top Travel Trends for 2021”

3 Stunning Ancient Monuments in Asia

Of the world’s most impressive ancient buildings still standing today, many are located in Asia. Built using the latest architectural innovations of the time, many of these structures are on an imposing scale, even by today’s standards. In this article, we explore three ancient sites in Asia and the civilizations who built them. 1.                 Continue reading “3 Stunning Ancient Monuments in Asia”