David Geithner

David Geithner began his career at Time, Inc., as an advertising revenue analyst at TIME in 1992.

What Is Sustainable Travel and Why Is It So Important?

Consumers around the world have become more eco-conscious—concerned about increasing, and increasingly extreme, weather events and natural disasters. As a result, ecotourism is becoming a popular travel choice among vacationers keen to reduce their carbon footprint. “Overtourism” is a relatively new phenomenon that describes exceeding the visitation capacity of a particular attraction or destination. Overtourism…

4 Amazing Ancient Ruins in Turkey and the Famous Legends Behind Them

With a reputation as the world’s largest outdoor museum, Turkey is home to numerous historically important ancient ruins.  Located at the junction between East and West, Turkey was once a powerful hub targeted by a variety of ancient civilizations through the centuries, from the Romans and Greeks to the Persians and Huns. These ancient settlers…

What Qualities Are Required to Become a UNESCO World Heritage Site? 

An abbreviation for “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization,” UNESCO contributes to security and peace by promoting international cooperation in education, culture, science, information, and communication. The organization promotes the sharing of knowledge and the free flow of ideas with the goal of accelerating mutual understanding. UNESCO programs also contribute towards United Nations Sustainable…

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